Production commutators

ZELTECH-ME Spolka z o.o. (Ltd) has been dealing with commutators production for many years. Commutators (new copper) repairs are also one of our main tasks.

  • brush - track diameter 50 ÷ 950 mm
  • copper length 15 ÷ 600 mm
  • insulation class - F, H
  • copper Cu-ETP (normal), CuAg 0,03; CuAg 0,1P
  • segments insulation
    • remikanit (normal mica)
    • inorganic mica
  • electrical tests:
    • segment - segment: 500V
    • segments - ground: 2500V (on request - 5000V)

We manufacture following types of commutators :

  • moulded commutators
  • commutators with shrinking rings
    • with steel sleeve
    • without steel sleeve (floating commutators)
  • bandaged commutators
  • commutators of flat brush - track (flange commutators)
  • screwed commutators (with bolts or nut)
    • with mica cones
    • with cones made of kapton

We deliver 80% of our products to Germany, Belgium and France.

Commutators are produced to order as individual pieces (special order) or as a small series only.

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