Repair of electric machines
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Induction motors:

  • single - phase motors and three - phase motors
  • multiple - speed motors
  • slip - ring motors
  • motors adjusted to rated voltage required by customer
  • high - tension motors
  • motors of special construction

Direct - current motors:

  • power - up to 600 kW
  • motors for forklift trucks

Three - phase A.C. commutator motors


Direct - Current generators and alternating - current generators, exciters, amplidynes, frequency converters.

Our company also specializes in adaptation of electric machines according to customers` special requirements. We can offer the following changes and modifications:

  • rated voltage
  • rated speed
  • construction:
    • feet and flanges
    • additional ends of shafts
    • non - typical ends of shafts
  • insulation class

Repairs include among other things:

  • Removal of old lacquer coating from repaired parts of electric machines in a furnace with Pyrolise process, which does not cause any damage to sheets of stators and rotors.
  • VP - impregnation with high quality lacquer
  • Dynamic balancing of rotors

We can also offer:

  • expertise and consultancy service
  • VP - impregnation of coils belonging to our customers
  • manufacture of coils made of shaped wire
  • winding of new, delivered by our customers, stators` laminated core assemblies

We guarantee:

  • the highest quality of wire and insulating material used for repair process
  • final tests corresponding with EU standards.

We provide 12 - month guarantee for our work range.

This warranty period can be extended up to 24 months.

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